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Cancer is known to be a multi-causal disease. There is no pin point source of its origin. And until now, treatments don't specifically single out cancer cells but includes the normal cells. Whether you are going out from your home to have a good walk during noon time or when you are eating your favorite grilled burger; seemingly harmless activities are now linked to the formation of cancer cells. Cancer cells are different from the normal cells primarily because of their abnormal structure and the rate on how they are growing. This growth in the specific body part causes an invasion to the different organs.

For example, if you are having cancer in the colon; most probably the cancer cells developed due to the lack of fiber in the diet with a combination of fatty foods and grilled food. How come grilled good causes cancer? According to the experts, carbon from the burnt part of the meat is a carcinogenic material that when consumed in large amounts can potentially cause cancer to develop.

Going through the different stages of cancer could be painful. With the different degrees of affectations, as the stages of cancer increase; there is a lesser probability of surviving for the patient. Because of metastasis, the spread of the cancer cells to the different body parts may be experienced in the latter stages. And during this stage, death is always inevitable.

There are now a great number of treatment modalities for cancer. Pharmacologic treatment includes chemotherapy where anti neoplastic drugs are used to combat cancer cells. But chemotherapy can make a client experience the side effects of increased tendency to bleeding as well as alopecia. There is also the treatment modality of surgery in removing the tumor and also radiation therapy. But both of these treatment modalities are expensive and must be consulted first with a physician for the prognosis.

But what if you could lessen the chances of cancer when you drink your water? Though some people may consider this as hoax, it has been scientifically proven that the redox reaction caused by alkaline water reduces cancer cells in number. This way, families who have members inflicted with cancer can have a higher chance of survival with the use of water therapy.

And because of the link between alkaline water and cancer, there are now companies who offer ionized ORP water to the different homes. When ionized alkaline water is present in every home; though this isn't considered a sole treatment modality to eliminate cancer completely, it could still help patients inflicted with cancer significantly.

If water cures cancer, then we should be drinking more. Since as individuals, we could be potentially be harboring cancer cells in our body through our seemingly harmless activities. And because of the newly discovered healing with water treatment; there are higher chances of survival for patients undergoing conventional cancer treatment modalities.

Thankfully, there are now companies that offer the households with better source of water. And with ionized water being accessible to homes, could it follow that cancer in the near future will be reduced in number? Hopefully, this would eventually happen. Since there is already a great risk for everyone regardless of age and sex, having water that is beneficial in preventing cancer could be a great leap in the medical field.

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Water Against Cancer

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This article was published on 2010/11/20