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The diagnosis of CANCER is enough to knock your feet right out from under you. There are warnings on everything as to what causes cancer, but do they really know what all causes cancer? The only thing for sure is how you handle yourself past the diagnosis, can make all the difference in your outcome through your therapy.

I have worked in a cancer treatment center for over 28 years and have seen many patients beat the odds after being given a horrible prognosis. The reason these people have beat the odds is mostly due to the fact that they were not going to accept that prognosis and they were going to prove the doctors wrong.

One gentleman was given 6 months to live due to his newly found brain tumor. When given this news, his wife left him, his world was crashing in and all it did was fuel his fire. He was the most inspiring man I have ever met. He went through his therapy, he was able to drive again, go skiing, boating, whatever it was that made him enjoy life. He lived 5 1/2 years past his diagnosis and he enjoyed every minute of his life. That was the first incidence that made me realize what power each of us possess if we really put our mind to something.

There have been many, many patients since then that have shared the same incredible attitude and have beat the odds when faced with an unpleasant diagnosis. You also have to take advantage of support groups with positive people to surround you, as in Gilda's Club. The American Cancer Society offers a program called, Look Good, Feel Better. This is a program offered for ladies afflicted with some type of cancer. They are given a cosmetic bag with approximately $300.00 worth of make-up, which is donated by all of the cosmetic companies across America. This is a 2 hour program which emphasizes the importance of how much better you will feel if you look better. This is a very important part of your therapy and this will help your attitude stay up during your battle.

Always remember, the key ingredient to your positive outcome is a positive attitude, your faith in God, positive family and friends and doctors that will stand in your corner and believe in miracles. There are many miracles walking this earth that were told they would not be. They are here because they refused to believe the cancer was going to kill them and found doctors that were willing to help them fight to live. Always believe in the power of the mind, body and God, the rest will follow.

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I am a secretary in a cancer center and have seen many miracles in my 28 1/2 years. I truly believe there is a huge difference in your outcome depending on how you react to the diagnosis. I have learned more valuable lessons from my many patients over the years and I just want to share with other cancer patients that they do play a very valuable role in their outcome. If I can make a difference in one person's attitude, than it was well worth writing this article. Please don't use the word terminal when referring to a friend or family member's diagnosis, we are all terminal and it gives the diagnosis a negative connotation and nobody needs any negativity added to the diagnosis of Cancer. Please be positive for your family and friends.

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Power over Cancer

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This article was published on 2010/03/30