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One area of protection is the use of water-soluble anti-oxidants.These anti-oxidants do not kill  or cure cancer, but they do slow it down. A major US government  study on cancer found that the use of only 2 Flavonoid Complex capsules per day, slowed the growth of cancer by 90%.  This is extremely important - amazing that only  2 Flavonoid Complex a day can help so in your fight against cancer! Now what does slowing down cancer by 90% actually mean?Let's say for example you have cancer of the breast  that would normally  take two years to mature (and would by then be so life-threatening that you would lose the battle as a result of not getting early detection) - if you were able to slow down that two year maturity by 90%, this would mean that the 2 year maturity would now take 20 years!! Slowing it down could certainly mean the difference between life and death!

Well, let's go ahead and talk about some other types of cancers that are slower -  lung cancer, prostate cancer various other types of cancer that, under certain circumstances can have a 20 year maturity time - if  you take two Flavonoid tablets a day for the rest of your life you can slow it down by 90%.  it will now take 200 years! Do you care? You can actually have that cancer in you -  not cured, but you're going to slow it down to the degree that you're going to out-live it and die of normal age-related causes without it being a problem in your life. Isn't this fantastic? And these are the only factors that do it, and we're the only company that's put the full complement of them together in a product, all organic and natural.

The phyto-nutrients are in our 3- 2-1 program -  these are the carotenoids, the flavonoids and the cruciferous compounds. These are the special nutrients in food that deal with the fat-soluble,  water-soluble and the cancer balancing factors in nature. We  deal with several diseases in a nutritional way -  not diagnosing a person's disease, or putting them on a Prescription medication, or  treating the disease. These are supports for your system to work with them; but there are so many scientific studies and laboratory reports on the benefits of these Phyto-nutrients that it's absolutely incredible! And of course it starts with the anti-oxidants and detoxifiers and Dr. Furst first put this together in Beta-Guard and now science and technologies have developed far beyond just what we get in the antidote to chemotherapy, as we move on into the rest of the phyto- nutrients. Of course, the protection against degenerative diseases, when we get into aging, is that Dr. Richard Cutler, has done a lifeline of the Carotenoid level within your system and your age, and he can come to this room and draw your blood, and based on the carotenoid level, he can tell you how long you're going to live. He's already got that down to an art. Now, of course, you can change the length of your life. What you can do is find out how long he says you're going to live, and then buy a bottle of Carotenoids and take 12 a day, and then ask him to take your blood again, and he'll give you about 15 years, taking 12 a day. The only thing is, to get those 15 years, you're going to have to take 12 a day for the rest of your life. So you may want to take 3 a day, and see how long that's going to make you go! (information gathered from a talk by the late Don Lawson)

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Immunise Against Cancer

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This article was published on 2010/03/31