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If you want to prevent or protect yourself against cancer or even reverse or stop cancer, there are certain destructive habits you need to keep off of such as smoking, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy.

Don't tell me that you are a habitual smoker, that you cannot stop smoking or that you have tried and failed.

The facts are there.

Smoking causes cancer in smokers.

Smoking causes cancer for none smokers who inhales what is puffed out by the smoker.

You cannot be healthy and smoke, even if you look healthy today, in the end it will catch up with you.

Sugar is one useless and poisonous substance that has no real value to us, it is a known fact that cancer cells love sugar and thrive on it. What sugar does to man is sickening, yet man is consuming sugar as if his life depends on it. Sugar helps the cancer cells to produce lactic acid which facilities the body to form new blood vessels that carry fresh blood supply to the tumor to help it grow, it also help cancer cells to spread more rapidly.

On the other hand, caffeine is another substance worth not taken, it is an acid forming substance. In most energy drink, tea and coffee, you have substantial amount of it, who wants to beat, reverse, stop or prevent cancer? Just forget about caffeine, just give it up, if you love tea so much, make sure is one without it, like green tea.

Alcohol: this is the chief of them all, directly competing with sugar. It kills the body cells, irritates and inhibits digestion, alters your blood chemistry and composition,in addition it destroys the oxygen in your brain region.
Alcohol is poisonous to your body, it also competes with nicotine in undoing your body.

We are in a free world if you want to drink you are free, no one is going to stop you, it is a question of choice, you are only enhancing your demise.

Who wants to reverse, stop, cure or prevent against cancer, keep off alcohol, it is poison to your system.
What about diary product? Do you have your doubts, if you want to stop, cure or reverse cancer say bye-bye to diary and its products?

Numerous studies exist that link milk to whole range of diseases like, headaches, constipation, runny nose, diarrhea, bloating, sinusitis, abdominal pain, cramps and mental depression.

Moreover milk and diary products create a lining on the walls of one's stomach and intestine thereby preventing the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

The artificial way of rearing cows has contributed to make milk unsafe for us, cows are reared with growth hormones to reduce their maturity period, with this, cows now grow from 100 pounds to 1000 pounds in a short period of two years.

The residues from this hormones and pesticides are then passed to us through drinking of milk and diary products.

If you must drink milk, it must be from free range or organic products, but there is a qualification here, most of these cows are kept in very in human conditions without clean bedding or a clean place to rest, because of the environment they are kept, the facilitate the spread of disease.

Did I hear anybody say impossible, how can we get the much required calcium?

Well man is the only mammals in the whole universe that consume the milk and by products of another specie for the purpose of getting milk, if one may ask, how does other animals in the animal kingdom get their own calcium requirement?

Well, that is by the way, there are other sources of calcium available to us, vegetables abound if eaten regularly will provide a ready or more safer calcium required for our bodies, such as spinach, eggs, kale, flax-seed nuts and broccoli.

Who wants to cure or stop cancer? If you want to, keep off milk and other diary products.

The war against cancer is one war, we just must win, if you want to win the war against cancer, visit:, where you will have access to information that will aid you defeat Cancer.

Stay Positively posted.

Yours in the struggle for a Cancer free society.

Egwu Chukwuemeka U Inya

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How to Prevent Cancer

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This article was published on 2010/03/31