How Cancer Patients Should Cope with Psychological Stress

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Stress is common to people who are suffering from cancer. In fact, the degree of psychological stress is high that it has an effect on the quality of their lives. They need to find approaches to manage this or it will only add burden to them. Below are a few of them:

1. Family and social support

Cancer patients demand help of their loved ones for support. They need them to be able to manage their lives - from procedures to possible recovery. They need their own families to drive for them and accompany them to the hospital and during medical procedures. These simple things will make them feel positive even with the group of treatments because they have their families in their battle against the disease. Otherwise, if some people who have no blood relations will do these for them, they will truly feel alone and worse, find no meaning to keep on.

Precisely the same support should also come from the people around them - their friends, co-workers or schoolmates, neighbors and even the overall community where they live in. This will make them feel socially connected; hence, they will still love to mix with them even with their condition.

2. Talk therapy

Several Japanese researchers made a review of the outcome of half a dozen of studies with more than 500 patients with cancer and struggling with depression as the respondents. The result: Talk therapy proves to contribute in reducing or getting rid of the signs of melancholy. It is for this same reason that this method somehow builds link to several efforts to find alternative cancer treatments.

Talk therapy primarily includes interpersonal therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. CBT examines the patterns of negative thoughts and how they impact the moods of the sufferers. The therapist will help them during this process as he or she will make them learn how to turn these unfavorable thoughts, as well as behaviors, into something constructive. Interpersonal therapy, conversely, lets the therapist to evaluate how individuals with cancer speak and mix with others. He or she will assist them in bringing positive changes in order to better their personal relationships with others.

3. Exercise

Various studies reveal that increasing the physical activity of cancer patients reduces the risk of recurrence of cancer and makes way for longer survival. Specifically, it lessens the incidence of fatigue, improves self-confidence, brightens mood, delivers positivity and lowers the risk of having another health issue like diabetes. Patients with this disease may start with stretching to develop mobility. If allowed by their doctors, they can conduct some aerobic exercises like swimming and jogging. Weight training is also recommended to some affected persons because they are necessary to their overall health. With the guidance of their oncologists, they can try to find exercise consultants to develop the suitable workout program for them.

In the efforts of cancer patients to find alternative cancer treatments, they come across methods that will help them relieve cancer symptoms and stress. These bring positive changes in their lives thereby improving their quality of lives.

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How Cancer Patients Should Cope with Psychological Stress

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This article was published on 2013/06/21