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About 1.5 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year. If you're one of them, you may consider taking vitamins and supplements with your cancer treatment, to strengthen your immune system. Supplements, herbs and extracts are used as alternative treatments for cancer or as a supplement along with conventional treatment prescribed by doctors, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or immunotherapy. Supplements and vitamins are taken to strengthen the immune system or to help relieve the side effects of some of these treatments.

Ideally, proper nutrition and a balanced diet at all stages of life are essential for normal development and growth, health maintenance and disease prevention, and recovery of illness or injury. This is especially true for patients with cancer. Cancer patients may consider taking vitamins and supplements to help boost their battle against a good quality of life.

Vitamins neutralize free radicals and protect the integrity and function of tissues. They are also essential for a variety of other cellular functions such as tissue regeneration and healing, production of red blood cells, the body's resistance to infection, brain and muscle activity, the DNA during the cell cycle, a number sufficient metabolic regulatory events, recovery from illness, and chronic diseases.

Please keep the following in mind when considering the vitamins and dietary supplements: -

1. Do not take vitamins and supplements without first talking to your oncologist and nurses and many interfere with cancer treatment. Talk about cancer treatment tailored to your individual condition and a dietary supplement that includes that can help you stay strong and cope with treatment side effects.

2. Research and ask your doctor and the nurses of the best nutritional supplements for your condition because most supplements have not been extensively studied in large clinical studies. It’s important to choose wisely and be aware of.

3. Get information on cancer prevention, cancer, cancer therapy and medications such as food supplements from reputable sources. Beware of ads and information authenticated.

4. No matter how secure it believes that a vitamin or supplement can be, check with your oncologist and nurses about possible interactions with their cancer treatments. It's always better safe than sorry later.

5th Once it is approved by your oncologist, make sure the brand of food supplements were analyzed by the FDA or other regulatory authentic on the label indicates that the supplements have undergone quality control. Remember; never take a drug that is not approved.


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Food Supplements for Cancer Patients

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This article was published on 2012/04/24